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If you like the style of my artwork but I don't quite have what you are looking for please contact me for a commissioned piece of artwork.

I also offer commercial and product commissions (see some of my recent commissions here).

To commission a piece of art:

  1. Decide on your subject - is it a wild animal you photographed on a trip away, or a precious scene you would love to see produced as art?

  2. Email me with 2 - 4 clear, in-focus photos of your subject. If you are after a portrait style artwork please choose images clearly showing the face of your subject. For whole body works please ensure the entire body is in the photos. Depending on the subject and detail required more photos may be required at a later stage.

  3. In your email please provide a brief description of what you are looking for - are you after a colour artwork, or my classic black & white style? Do you have a size in mind? Would you like it framed as well?

  4. A 20% deposit will be required to secure the commission.   



Each piece of art is unique and has varying levels of detail. The cost of a commissioned piece of art will depend on the size, level of detail (i.e multi image piece), its purpose (i.e commercial vs private collection) and if you would like a black & white or colour. I have provided an indicative price range for personal commissions below. Please note these are ball-park figures only and may vary following discussions about the details of your one-of-a-kind artwork.

A4 - $300 - $600

A3 - $800 - $1200

A2 - $1200 - $2500

My artwork is quite detailed so can take some time. Please allow at least 2 months for me to complete your one-of-a-kind piece.

I can be contacted through the contact tab or directly at

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